Your college can either sell the course including the mobile app - which sells for over £400 pounds each - as a full cost recovery option; alternatively you can give the course to any businesses that, for example, use you for there apprenticeships or other full cost courses.


Transforming businesses and upskilling employees our eLearning course covers all things digital.

Businesses will discover the industry secrets of getting found online, social media marketing, and how to boost your digital presence.

Our state-of-the-art eLearning course couldn't be easier to navigate and has a proven record of getting results...


Our drag-and-drop software makes it simple to build an app and the eLearning course will guide learners through every step of the process.

With two thirds of digital time spent on mobile devices there has never been a better time to go mobile...


Statistics have proven that video is a must for businesses!

If you're not using video, your competitors surely will and your business will lose out...

This course teaches businesses how to create, edit and upload professional quality videos using just a smartphone.


Companies who use eLearning tools and strategies have the potential to boost productivity by 50%.